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Help our vision through prayer, promotion and donation.

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This ministry needs partners who will support us in three key ways: In prayer, In promotion and In Donation.


As we commit to pray for you through 365 Degrees of Communion and our other programs, such as the Marriage Supper, we ask that you exchange that act of faith and love with your prayers.

This ministry believes in the power of Spirit filled prayer. When we pray in the Holy Ghost, we are protected in His will and purpose. During your times of prayer, remember our work.


The heart of Pastor Young's ministry has always been to save and heal. We do not have the resources to physically minister to as many people as we want.

Hence we created this online ministry so we could reach more. Our one year program, 365 Degrees of Communion, is the manifestation of our ministry's historical mandate.

We earnestly believe that our programs will be a spark to help flame the destiny of this ministry, which is revival, as has been prophesied.

Yet, we need you to help us reach those who need the ministry of Christ. We urge you to tell as many people about this program, as well as our other programs, the Marriage Supper, the Grapes of Wealth, and EGC Live.

Above all, it is paramount if you know anyone who is diseased, a family member or friend, to get them to listen to His Blood His Body every single day.

Help us spread the Good News, the Gospel. Join Pastor Young as he intercedes for healing. Let faith arise in us all, so Jesus can be glorified and His work -- us -- be complete.


Our ministry teaches sound biblical truths regarding tithes and offerings. However, we have never been heavy handed.

As a matter of fact, if you know Pastor Young, you would quickly realize how little emphasis he puts on money, both personally and in the ministry. Some could even observe his fire is dimest when it is offering time.

There has never been a motivation for this ministry to gain money. If you read Pastor Young's testimony, you will find out he was raised with no means on a rough island, Twillingate, off a rough island, Newfoundland.

He gave up a fledging, promising career in politics to gain pennies and the pulpit. He has not looked back since. It is a running joke, but if you ask Pastor Young for money from his pocket, you will get what he has -- which is not much.

However, we minister in a hard land.

A land not yet flowing in milk and honey. We have thankful givers. Yet, there is still a large financial need. Pastor Young has squeezed the most out of the little that we have, to lead us where we are. Like the fisherman of old that patrolled our shores, Pastor Young has been steadfast, mending and repairing the few tools we have, keeping a watchful eye while waiting for the harvest of fish.

Like those men, the burden can be great. The seas and the salt ocean can only be sailed on with the fear of the Lord. It makes a tough skin, and a meek heart. Yet, sometimes the storms are too great for one man in a row boat.

So, it is time to ease that burden. Pastor Young and his faithful flock believe the wave of revival will burst through the Eastern Gate. We ask, through the Holy Spirit, that you help ease that burden: of doing so much, with so little. Like the tale -- the old man and the sea -- it is a hard battle to catch a large, stubborn fish with nothing but your hands.

You'd be surprised what a captain can do with a hearty ship and strong hands on board. Will you give a hand, to his heart?

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