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Like 365° of Communion, The Promised Land is an online web program consisting of two podcasts. In hope to fill a large need in the Body of Christ.

The Promised Land

The Promised Land is an online web program. Whereas 365° of Communion teaches us the fundamentals of the gospel on a daily basis, this program teaches us the principles of God's total wealth. In a way, Christ's sacrifice provides our daily health, and the full work of God, both New and Old testament, teaches us His wealth.

More over, this program is not manna like 365°. Rather, it is like meat. You don't need a steady diet of meat, but it is necessary for total strength.

In essence, the program consists of 2 podcasts that are more like "podbooks". There will be a new "chapter" every month for the year.

The Marriage Supper

There has been an onslaught on christian marriages in recent decades. We beleive much of this is because we have forgotten about the gift of marriage. We have been dilluted by the world concerning this special gift of love. Purity brings passion, and passion brings pleasure.

We hope that through this, The Marriage Supper, many christian marriages will be set on free and on fire. Hopefully, after the 12 chapters are released via podcast, Pastor Gordon will release a real book based on the ideas from this undertaking.

The Grapes of Wealth

The next podcast, or "book" is called The Grapes of Wealth. This podcast, like The Marriage Supper, will have twelve chapters over the course of the year. This series teaches us principles of wealth, and how God provides wealth, as seen through the Word.

However, both these podcasts are just not teaching. All our podcasts are focused on Spirit filled prayer. It is necessary to always have an equal measure of Spirit and Truth. Therefore, Pastor Young will be sharing a prayer in each of these podcasts for your marriage, in The Marriage Supper, and your wealth, in the Grapes of Wealth.