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the Marrige


This is a Spirit filled program intended to revive marriages. It intends to show the importance of intimate love as demonstrated through the word.

The Marriage Supper

This podcast series, or "book" is intended to be a revelation of intimate love. It is to teach the importance of purity, as the bible sees it, how this leads to passion, and then pleasure.

So many christian married couples, especially young couples, no longer know the gift they have. If one were to describe the Love of God in one word, that word could be "marriage".

God had intended marriage for two virgins, to be bound to eachother forever, at least on this earth, in the highest level of love possible. That love can only grow as large as the purity, or holiness can allow.

Many christians have a view and understanding of marriage and intimacy, from the corrupted values of the world. Even the gift of purity is misunderstood. As if it is only a "rule" that binds.

Yet, nothing can be further from the truth. Purity frees us. It allows us to be just, and on fire. The bible began with a marriage, between Adam and Eve, and the bible ends in a marraige, with the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

More over, in between, we see the greatest act of virgin love, that being Christ purchasing His Bride, through His Blood. If we only can see marriage how God sees it, we would see such delievrance.

So please, tell as many people as possible, especially married couples, to listen to this program. Of course, as always, Pastor Young will be sharing a Spirit filled prayer over you in each "chapter".

Hopefully, at the end of the "book", Pastor Young will publish a complete physical book, that will be based on the revelations from the journey, that is -- The Marriage Supper.