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Intercessor, Who me? Yes! Get Pastor Young's 1st published book.


Who Me?

Anyone can move God's heart. We all have the ability to intercede. Pastor Young's new book, "Intercessor, Who Me?" teaches this truth.

Intercessor, who me?

This summer Pastor Young was burdened to pray and fast by the Holy Spirit. During that time of intercession, he wrote a book. That book is called "Intercessor, Who Me?". It is a book that had been lived out by the Pastor himself.

Pastor Gordon felt that there was a weakness in the Church body. There are many people who are intercessors, however, many "ordinary" christians feel that you must have a special call for this.

This could not be further from the truth. We all have the ability to move the heart of God, for He loves us all equally. When we cry out in brokeness, He will hear us and deliver us.

We pray this book blesses you. This is a new season for Pastor Young, as he embarks on his writing ministry, and we hope that you can bless him as he blesses you.

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