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Intercessor, Who me? Yes! Get Pastor Young's 1st published book.


The Grapes of Wealth

Twelve chapters of this podbook will be available, one per month for a year. The basis of which, will eventually be turned into a book.


Yet, we need you to help us reach those who need the ministry of Christ. We urge you to tell as many people about this program, as well as our other programs, the Marriage Supper, the Grapes of Wealth, and EGC Live.

Above all, it is paramount, if you know anyone who is diseased, a family member or friend, to get them to listen to His Blood His Body, every single day.

Help us spread the Good News, the Gospel. Join Pastor Young as he intercedes for healing. Let faith arise in us all, so Jesus can be glorified and His work -- us -- be complete.