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the Grapes

Of Wealth

Many people misunderstand wealth. Wealth is not money. God's kingdom is built on wealth, not money. Once we understand this we will see fruit.

the Grapes of Wealth

What is wealth? What is money? How can I become wealthy? Can I be wealthy without money? These are just a few questions that we want to answer in this web podbook.

First off, wealth is not money. Wealth can attract money, however, they are two different things. Wealth comes from wisdom. It comes from the infinite resource that lives on the inside of us.

Christians should have a natural advantage over people from the world. However, too often, christians become decieved because they think the wealth of God, means money. They think that God will give them "money" because God blesses His people with wealth.

This flaw in understanding is destroying many christians and their families. They think that magically the money will appear. This is not what the bible teaches. God wants to make us more fruitful, or more productive.

This can only happen if we become more wise. Once we allow God's truth to be known in us, He can then truly bless us, by multiplying our fruit.

Like the Marriage Supper, we hope to craft a story of wealth, by using the Bible, ensuring that you never misunderstand again, how to obtain wealth.

Furthermore, we believe that God can bless us supernaturally with wealth. We are not trying to remove God from the picture. However, this doesn't mean He is just going to drop unjustifiable amounts of money into our pockets. It is God's heart that we as His children know the truth.

The truth is. We must seek wealth, not money. Ultimately, wealth, or wisdom all comes from God.

We pray that you listen to this podcast faithfully. There will be twelve chapters. After the program, we are anticipating Pastor Young will publish a book based on the contents of the podcast.

As always, there will be Spirit filled prayer and encouragment in each podcast. We know that through the Holy Spirit, God can give us the supernatural wisdom needed to finally see the overabundance of wealth that God desires for us.