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His Blood, His Body

This podcast is the backbone of our 365° of Communion program. It is another degree of the Gospel, everyday.

His Blood, His Body

This podcast is the centerpiece of our 365° of Communion program. It is short in length. It is also Spirit filled.

Pastor Young will share a scripture or promise from God, and how that relates to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this way we highlight the Blood and Body of Jesus.

This podcast is to be a blessing. A light gift. A daily manna. It does not intend to be a sermon, teach about sin specifically, or even to convert the lost (however, if that happened -- Glory to God). Those things are for another medium. The primary intent is to feed the born again christian and lead him/her into total healing of the body and soul.

We expect many very sick people, those possibly with late stage cancer for instance, to find a haven with this word. We want it to be a blessing. It is to take those, from their present circumstance, into the arms of Christ.

Finally, we believe strongly here that Spirit filled prayer is necessary in all that we do. It isn't just enough to know the Truth. We need the Spirit to give that Truth life.

Therefore, Pastor Young will share a Spirit filled prayer concerning you, your body and soul. We strongly feel it is here where the power of this program lies. Pastor Young has had a special call for healing since he was healed of bone cancer himself. He has ministered in this way to countless of individuals with disease, many of whom experienced healing.

We pray that you listen faithfully everyday. This is a very demanding commitment by Pastor Young. We take this program very seriously. We believe that everyone who partakes of this daily online communion with us, will be totally healed and delivered by the time the year is up. Even sooner, Amen.