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To 365 Degrees of Communion

It is very important that each person who wishes to follow our program, take a step of faith and commit with us.

A Step of Faith

Water baptism is important for many reasons to the gospel. One of which, is that it marks a new beginning. Also, it is a direct act of the will. There is nothing ambigious about that step of faith.

Likewise, we ask you to commit to 365 Degrees of Communion, by making a commitment in your heart, and taking a concrete step of faith, by filling out the form below.

Before you fill it out, we ask you to remember a few things. First, it is so important you begin to forgive others every single day. You can take the time to do this during, or after you listen to the podcast. Jesus demands very little of us. He did all the work. However, we can't enjoy the benefits of the gospel, if we don't forgive. In a way, forgiveness is the gate to the promises of the gospel.

This can't be overstated enough. Jesus taught so much on forgiveness, especially in conjunction to the gospel. In essence, when we forgive others we allow God to forgive us. Then, through that forgiveness He can pour out His healing and salvation.

However, it is just as important that you forgive yourself. Or, that you allow Christ to forgive you. Be renewed each day in the knowledge that your are forgiven, because Jesus provided that great gift on the Cross.

Once that is understood, all you need to do is commit to the total health of your body and soul, as you listen to "His Body, His Blood" with Pastor Young. Finally, as you see the results of God's blessing in your life, remember to glorify Christ and His gospel.

Commitment Card

We would like for you to take a step of faith and pledge to commit to this program for complete healing in one year.

You can email us at

Please include your name, and where you are from.

Below are the commitment requirements to recieve full benefit of this program:

I commit to forgive others everyday, and to be forgiven, so I may walk in the gospel.

I commit to listen to "His Body, His Blood" with Pastor Gordon Young as faithfully as possible for one year.

I commit to full deliverance and healing of the soul, as well as accelerated maturation, as I observe Christ's Blood and what it provided, everyday, for a year.

I commit to total deliverance and healing of all disease and infirmities that afflict me, by remembering and beliveing in His Body, which was torn, for my total victory. This includes any genetic defects.

I commit to telling as many people, friends and family, especially those sick or distressed, about my commitment and this program.

I commit to glorifying the gospel and Christ, by sharing my testimony of His healing and saving power, as has been experienced through this program.

Finally, you can share in the email a list of physical diseases, ailments, infirmities, that you want totally healed. Likewise for the soul such as fear, bitterness, loneliness, laziness, etc...