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365 Degrees Of

This is our breakthrough program that will bless your body and soul. It is a one year commitment to Christ's blood and body.


365 Degrees of Communion is a full year program, which is commited to proclaiming the gospel. More over, we are faithful to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

In Christ, and Christ alone, are we saved and healed. It was His ministry and purpose. He was ordained by the Father, and approved by the Holy Spirit for this.

Before He was crucified Jesus instructed his disciples to observe his body and blood. This was a firm, strong commandment. An everlasting covenant. It is a pillar commandment of the New Testament. He did this, for in remembering, we are justified to recieve the gift of His sacrifice.

That is the purpose of this program. It is for us to remember, and be healed. It is an easy "yoke" or burden, as Christ is. We are not asking for money, or much of your time, just perhaps a few minutes everyday.

We ask that you commit in your heart to this work. More over, you should commit to total healing of your body in Christ by the end of the year. Also, for a complete cleansing and healing of your soul. Not much of a burdern, is it?

Secondly, we want you to tell as many people as possible. This could be friends or family, co-workers, or even strangers. Especially, if you know anyone sick, or troubled.

However, and this is important, we are not asking you to listen to the podcast and "claim" your friends and family. Not that you can't do this. However, the purpose of this program is very specific. We believe that when we sew the Truth of Christ into a person, they will yeild the fruit of Christ. Therefore, it is important that each person partake.

Therefore, we urge you, to get as many people to commit and listen as possible.

Then, all you have to do is listen everyday to the podcast "His Blood, His Body" with Pastor Young. Each "degree" or podcast will be very short in length.

In it, the Pastor Young will share healing scriptures, a spirit filled prayer, and perhaps a mini teaching on healing. The main pillars of this however is to be healed in body, through Jesus' body, and cleansed in the soul through Jesus's blood.

We believe most people will be compelled to join us in this journey, because of physical healing. However, the teaching of the gospel everyday has the same lever of benefit for the soul. Foremost in this, and one of the cornerstone elements of this program, is forgiveness. We ask that as you listen, you forgive others, as you are forgiven.

Finally, for your body. We believe that the Father wants to show the glory of His son. In John, before Jesus was crucified, He prayed to His father to glorify "the Son". Jesus meant through the revelation of His love on the Cross.

We believe as we lift up Christ, before the Father, Christ will be glorified, as we are healed through Him. So, we ask you to believe with us everyday, in faith, that your diseases are being healed through the gospel.


Well, that is good question. God has laid it on our hearts to build a strong foundation so that He can show His mercy. We feel that the Church Body loves the Lord and is not distant. Through the former revivals of Toronto Airport, and Brownsville Revival, as well as a generation of new inspired worship music, such as Hillsongs, we believe the heart of the Church is soft before God.

However, there are too many christians battling with diseases and afflictions of the soul. Furthermore, the innocence of many, has lead to much ignorance concerning the gospel. There are countless christians, like lambs, who love Jesus and yet wander into the traps of the enemy. Simply, and sadly, because they forget His love.

However, the gospel is a rock. It is simple. It is beautiful. It is one law: His Body, and His Blood. In His sacrifice Jesus fullfilled all the laws and the prophets. In communion we remember this. That is why communion is so important. It is an everlasting gift to us so that we may be strong, on the rock, safe from the lies of Satan.

We don't believe we have found a new answer. It is an old answer. We are not here to judge the Church body, but to cry out a proclamation of freedom. As the gospel is preached in its fullness, we shall bear the fruit of it, which is salvation and healing.

It is our prayer, that churches from all over the land join us. Can you imagine if all the evangelical church body commited bodly to the gospel, boldy before Satan, that we are healed and delivered. What a foundation. What a gospel. What a revival.

So Why? Because He commanded us to remember. We hope you and your family will, with us. The Father will always honour the gospel of His Son. Let us break bread, and drink to His life, together.